Spring 2011
A little deaf puppy named Pogue Mahone helps us carry on...
Fiona will always be in our hearts, and carrying on with this little collar company has been bittersweet. We miss our Fiona, but see many reasons to continue. One is our sweet Pogue. As long as he makes us smile daily with his antics and steals ribbon from the packing table in the studio we will see the light on sad days when we miss our company namesake. Thanks for sticking Lucky Fiona as we continue on this journey.

October 2010 ~Rest in Peace ~ Fiona ~ We will miss you dearly.
We will honor Fiona's memory in every stylish collar we create.
Lucky Fiona Dogwear was created around the very real and very lucky English Setter named Fiona that my husband and I rescued from a shelter.
Using reproduction and vintage fabrics and trims we create one of a kind adjustable dog collars and accessories.
We believe every animal companion is special and unique and their dogwear should reflect that! Whimsical yet gorgeous, our collars are as functional as they are fashionable. We use high quality fabrics and hardwear and an industrial sewing machine to make our creations. Fiona is the most fashionable pooch everywhere we go and she loves sharing her silly named collars with the world!